Ice and a slice, a shake and a stir, or simply on the rocks. Whichever way you like your tipple, storing and displaying your collection deserves some serious thought to both style and function.

No longer the domain of your granny, the drinks cabinet has had a huge revival in recent years. It could be that we’re drinking more. Or it could be that our design sensibilities have been honed and we are seeking sleeker, smarter, more beautiful ways to organise and display our possessions. I’ll go for the latter.

Ideas to consider when choosing the perfect option may be whether you’re after a modern display or whether you’re looking for a way to introduce a retro piece into your home. Drinks cabinets aren’t just about the display. There are countless ways to integrate a discreet but dedicated space for you cocktail creations too.

Whatever your personal style, here are 5 ways with a drinks cabinet.

1. Modern Bar Cart

The modern bar cart is the perfect piece for the paired back room. Designers have been creating some truly beautiful items that happily integrate as a beautiful piece of furniture. These are ripe for styling with some of your favourite ‘objet’ too. Mostly mobile, these can be rolled into any soirée.

Lucite Lovely. Mid Century inspired but thoroughly modern material by Jonathan Adler. Beautifully styled by Siva Nayla. Image from

2. Retro Cabinet

The retro cabinet is for the eclectic interior. You like to mix up your styles and love an original piece. You may be lucky enough to chance upon an original drinks cabinet, or you could have the perfect piece to convert. Either way the retro cabinet can stand alone. Think classic antiques, art deco and mid-century styles.

Retro Beauty. Image via

3. Glass Display

If styling is your thing, and you have a stunning Italian Glassware collection to display (a personal goal at Unfold!), then glass cabinets are perfect for you. There are the sublime slim profile Scandinavian timber varieties, or cabinets that take their cues from industrial design using metal and opaque glass doors. These cabinets seek a simple and modern environment to call home.

Simplicity at its best. The Haze Vitrine cabinet by Ferm Living.

4. Integrated Ingenuity

For some, drinks cabinets are a thing to be treasured, but not to be seen. If this is you, consider building one in a dedicated area in your kitchen or living space to house your spirits and glasses. There are some truly brilliant ways of bringing them to life. Consider metallic finishes, subtle lighting and mirrored backdrops.

Sublime bar cabinetry by B.E. Architects at their Armadale Residence project. Image by Derek Swalwell via Yellowtrace

5. Investment Piece

If truly beautiful craftsmanship gets you hot under the collar, then look no further than the investment piece. This is for the serious connoisseur. The highest quality finishes and beautifully crafted cabinet interiors. There is nothing average or ordinary about these. It’s the elegant, timeless talking piece that will have you and your guests clinking glasses in style for years to come.

Cheers to that.

The epitome of British craftsmanship. The ‘Frans’ cabinet in oak by Pinch London.