Ok, maybe less commandments, more of a personal framework I work within when researching, planning and creating a dream interior scheme. But hey, the title sounded rather catchy.

1. All you need is less

Think you want all the pretty interior things? Think again. Because, you really don’t. Always consider if you can apply the 3 ‘R’s of interior decoration – Reuse, Recycle, Re-cover.

Simplicity at its finest

2. The four-part rule

Much like making a cake (of which I’m rather partial), imagine an interior recipe of 4 parts. A neutral backdrop in the form of your wall colour equals 40%. Then 3 equal parts pattern, texture and a knock out focal point. Boom.

Amber Interiors does it again. Layering to perfection.

3. Size Matters

Size really does matter when creating a dream space. If it’s a simple room, like a hallway, scale up with an oversized pendant. Or bring a room to life with a large artwork. Otherwise, keep your furniture scale smaller and balanced in busier rooms.

Oversized elements in cohesive action.

4. Form follows flow and function.

Yes, it’s tongue twist-tastic! If the room flows well, then it’s optimum function will follow. Only then will the form of a pretty piece of furniture, rug or lighting come in to its own.

The 3 F’s in minimalist unison

5. Make it personal

Your interior reflects you right? Think less about trends, or what you think you should have. Think instead about what you really like and how your home can reflect the highlights of your life experiences. Travelled much? Like photography? Apply no.2 and then take the direction personal in the form of artwork and meaningful objects to display.

Karen Rosenlund’s art and styling is en pointe

6. Storage in every room

OK, so store does rhyme with snore. I mean, it’s not the most exciting element of interior design, but it’s the workhorse of a well-thought-out functional home. The fun part is in making it easy on the eye, discreet yet super useful. Soft close drawers anyone….?

Sweet storage in the Gallery House by Neil Dusheiko Architects

7. Go wild in the bedroom

I’m talking about décor, what are you thinking? In my experience, the main living areas of your home should be cohesive, and subtle. But in a family’s individual spaces, the skies the limit. Go as bold as you dare.

Mildly wild and proud of it

8. Lighting, camera, action

Well thought out, sexy lighting (yes, I have a thing for lighting) sets the whole tone of a room. Lighting is one of the first things I think about when building on a mood for a room. Get to know your ambient, accent and task lighting and create a next level interior.

Zero lighting inhibitions in this stunner of a bedroom

9. Invest in the best

Along the same vein as #1. Do your research about the best product. How it’s made, where it’s made, by whom. Do they have sound social and eco credentials? Now is the best time to shop for some superb products.

The long term commitment of a Pinch London piece

10. Sports shoe approach

Bear with me. The Sports Shoe Approach is simply to ‘Just Do It’. Procrastination and overthinking kills beautiful interiors. Spare a thought for all those stunning rooms that never came to life because of indecision. Yes, there are a lot of pretty products out there. Yes, there are a multitude of ways to lay out a space. But, by applying these 10 simple steps, you’ll be floating in interior perfection heaven in no time.

A room living to it’s full potential