The thing I love most about designing my own home is the evolution of ideas. If you had talked to me a year ago, not long after we moved in, about my initial plans for my home, it would have been a remarkably different conversation than now.

My ideas haven’t simply changed, they’ve evolved. And, well, unfolded over the year. Not only because I’ve had more time in my home, but my knowledge and understanding of our current and future needs as a family and as individuals, has expanded.

Interior goals. The Ligne Roset ‘Toga’ seat.

I’m reminded of my core Unfold Interiors philosophy in that a well-designed home, with all its inhabitants, memories and belongings shouldn’t necessarily reveal itself immediately, but should unfold and evolve with you. And I am living and breathing that as I design and plan to my heart’s content.

It’s good to be in a space that allows me the opportunity to develop this way. So, gratitude to you Design Deities.

In Part 1 of Living Room Transformation Plans I talked a wee bit about needing that individual space for the ‘Grown Ups’. This requirement certainly hasn’t changed, but it’s evolved into a pre-requisite! Not only does this room need to tick certain boxes – it also needs to be (without sounding like I’m going off-piste) a nurturing, peaceful space.

Re-capping on our design wishes, I’m now also wearing my ‘holistic design’ hat:

  • Ultimate chilled out comfort
  • Individual style from the rest of the house
  • A grown-up space for watching TV and movies
  • A place for my husband’s growing record collection
  • NEW Support the mental and physical wellbeing of the Unfold Hubby and I

I could get my zen on very easily here. The home of Texas based photographer Kate Zimmerman. Image by Kate Zimmerman and Sanetia Longno via Rip & Tan website.

But exactly how do you “support mental and physical wellbeing” when designing a room? For me, this ties in with how I uncover a client’s true wishes when taking a new design brief. Not only do I want to know about styles and colours that resonate, I actually really want to know what makes them tick. Specifically, what makes them happy, and further, what makes them the happiest.

For my husband and I, not only being with our kids brings us joy, but (controversially?) being on our own as a couple in a beautiful room brings us closer, and therefore everyone’s happy and happiest.

Happy place. An EMN Creative space via the Instagram of Moncxii.

We love to (binge) watch Netflix like all well-functioning adults, we love a decent Sci Fi movie (yep, nerd-tastic), but we also aim to make time to do the lost parenting art of, having a conversation, in private, without any small humans interrupting. Resonate? Possibly a LOUD RING right?!

The palette – in supporting our holistic wishes – will likely include natural materials like linen, warm timber, Moroccan tiles. We’ll balance these with luxurious elements in a silk and wool rug plus timeless Italian lighting – because Italian lighting definitely enhances my wellbeing.

Visual of some colour and texture vibes forming for the living room.

We’re still debating when to have our immensely practical sand coloured carpet taken up and the beautiful Tallow Wood flooring underneath sanded and lightened. When we had first moved in the thought of removing all of the furniture (and full bookshelves) again to then sand the floor was not a very inviting prospect. Two of the back rooms that we would sand will disappear when the floor level is lowered, but the living room flooring will stay. So, the time is nigh to bite the bullet – or rather, chew the sand paper. Just have to work a little more on Unfold Hubby, as when I floated the idea again recently he mumbled and murmured away from the subject.

Lastly, my design pendulum swings wildly with one key feature of the living room – the fireplace. I say fireplace, but we’re not quite sure if it ever was one. It’s basically a fireplace surround shaped structure on the far wall without any flue outside. I actually really like it, but I’m unsure whether to give it the full tile treatment with some splendid Popham Design tiles, or calm its huge structure with calmer, simpler finish.

Our ultimate goal is a room that can stand the test of time and tastes. Somewhere understated, but also a place that blends a bit of wow-factor with an overwhelming urge to relax.

Watch this space as the project unfolds

Sound like a space you want or may already have? I’d love to hear about how you’ve created a living room sanctuary!