The 6 Step Process

Our ultimate goal at Unfold Interiors if for you to have the smoothest experience, while totally falling in love with your interior-to-be.

Connection, communication and creativity are key.

Here is our process in 6 simple steps.

 STEP 1:
We’ve devised a short ice-breaker questionnaire that you can easily complete online. This will give us an overview of your scope and ensure our visions are in parallel
 STEP 2:
Now we’ve got to know each other a little more, we’ll send you the all important estimate
 STEP 3:
Next up let’s refine your brief face-to-face in a detailed ‘Interiorology’ consultation where we deep dive to build a complete picture of your dream space
 STEP 4:
The Unfold Welcome Pack. This is the ‘interior-grail’ of all you need to know about how the process will work. You’ll be given all the tools necessary to ensure visibility through-out
 STEP 5:
The Design Process begins. All sorts of creative magic happens here, including mood-boards and samples. Decision making and huge amounts of design and decoration delights make this the most enjoyable part!
 STEP 6:
The Reveal. Let’s sit back and soak it up. The finished product is here!