You know you love the Scandinavian look, but you also love a bit of Tribal. That pink trend has you weak at the knees, but you also love the Moroccan vibe that’s all over interior décor-land.

Before you know it, your home may well resemble a nightmarish version of The Block on some very confusing steroids.

So, how do you incorporate trends into your home without falling into the decor trend trap?

Think about what it is that you are actually drawn to in that latest trend.

Let’s take the examples I used above:

Scandinavian: You may be drawn to the muted pallet of natural tones. The blonde timbers, soft greys, fur and leather accents, the paired back simplicity. You’re going to have some of that ‘Hygge’ and you don’t care a) what that actually means and b) whether it’s going to work in your space or not.

Essence: Monochromatic materials

Tribal: You may be taken by the abundance of tactile elements with this look. Basket weaves, natural material wall hangings, pastel tone vintage textiles, complex kilim rugs and Ikat. You’ll hang JuJu hats everywhere if it’s the last thing you do.

Essence: Natural textures

Pink: You may love how pink was ‘born-again’ as a neutral, it adds a subtle femininity. And it works so well on walls, sofas, cushions, vases, rugs, lampshades……Yes, it was one of Pantone’s colours of the year 2 years ago, but you still want it, everywhere.

Essence: Versatile neutrals

Moroccan: Here you may be after some decorative complexity. Beautiful pressed metal and glass lanterns, leather poufs in every colour. Those Kasbah-stylie tiles WILL fit in your kitchen, bathrooms and porch. (I’ve been to Morocco, I understand what it’s like to pay a fortune in extra-baggage fees.)

Essence: Intricate details

By deconstructing the basic elements of a ‘trend’ that you love, you’ve nailed the core of what you’re after.

So, could you pull together a ‘Pink Scandi Tribal Moroccan’ look without throwing-up your lunch? Absolutely!

If you were my client and these elements formed part of your brief, I would be pretty excited.

I would design you an interior scheme with a clean neutral backdrop, nature-led materials, layered with texture and a smattering of decorative intricacy. Simple as that.

Dulux in ‘Partita’. Lisa LaPointe’s ‘Totem Orb’ limited edition print. Spence & Lyda ‘May’ pendant. Globe West ‘Totem’ vases. Tigmi Trading ‘Sea Mist Ait Bouchaouen’ rug. Fenton & Fenton sling chair in ‘natural’. Penny Morrison ‘Luma’ fabric

So, the next time you come across an intoxicating trend that you think might be ‘left field’ for your home, take a look at the core of what you like about it.

If that essence is harmonious to your existing scheme then it’s not just a trend, it’s now part of your home.