Art is a subjective little sucker. One person’s art isn’t necessarily another person’s art. And that, of course, is the beauty of it. Collecting art for your home is a particularly personal affair.

The art collection journey is encapsulated perfectly within the Unfold Interiors identity. “…a well-designed home, with all its inhabitants, memories and belongings shouldn’t necessarily reveal itself immediately, but rather should gradually unfold and evolve with you”.

A contemporary watercolour by artist Stefan Gevers happily living in Unfold Interior’s home.

Perfecting your art collection is a bit like a really long lunch with all your favourite people. A long lunch takes time, it’s relaxed and incredibly good fun. And you’re hanging with a unique group of folks who truly resonate with you. It’s essentially the same, except it’s the long lunch that keeps on giving.

What is art?

A question that is probably far too big for this page. So, let’s deconstruct it a little. Art is many things and there are many forms of art – literary arts, performing arts, visual arts, which of course includes our mutual love, interior design – the list goes on. But to avoid going down an art rabbit hole, let’s talk about visual art in the home specifically.

Our art at home uses colour, shape, pattern, scale, images and words that visually resonate. It’s applied across multiple mediums – paint, print, clay, paper, glass, textile. Your art choices are personal, and they are true to you. Once you go confidently in the direction of perfecting your art collection, you realise what art really is – a personal journey of appreciating beauty.

Porcelain angel wing sculpture from Jones and Co.

Now, of course, you already have an art collection. You will at least have photographs of your family adorning your space, more than likely a painting or two. Perfecting your art collection is about expanding it to include different visual art you may not have thought of yet. Here are some of my personal favourites.

Paper Art

Paper art is pure perfection for me. The intricacies and craftsmanship are undeniably breathtaking. How artists create paper art is rather mind blowing. I love all forms, period.

Danish artist Peter Callesen crafts visually stunning paper art from a single sheet of paper.

Ceramic Art

Ancient and infinite applications abound. I’m particularly enamoured with the new breed of ceramic plates on the block. And I want them all.

Perfect little ceramic faces by artist Louise Kyriakou

Neon Art

I’ve talked about neon art here. I get semi-crazed when talking about it. It’s fantastically zingtastic! It’s another new dimension in modern visual art expression. It’s a must in my humble opinion.

Neon art supremo, Chris Bracey and his ‘Sex, drugs and Bacon Rolls’

Architecture Photography

I’m a totally paid-up member of the architecture appreciation club. It is creative power on a huge scale. Now, architecture photography is nothing new, but it brings another visual art element to your home and deserves a place.

The iconic Battersea Power Station in London, from the book of the same title, by Annie and Steve Graham

Textile Art

There are so many exciting innovations happening in textile artistry. It’s a perfect heady visual and tactile combo and each piece is as unique as you. A worthy addition.

Next level fibre art from Tammy Kanat.

Perfecting your art collection is less about buying more art for the sake of it, or even spending big. It’s about exploring different mediums and expressions and expanding our love of the ancient human expression that is – art.