As modern living folks, we spend a lot of time and money investing in our wardrobes, our cars, the stock market and our health. Our homes are of course a huge investment, and we should naturally aim for quality over quantity in our decor.

I think we’ve established that we like pretty things for our homes – you are after all reading an interior design blog. But let’s get to the nitty-gritty of where you should direct your precious spondoolies to ensure that your home is future-proofed and the contents invested in wisely.

Here are 5 items that you should invest the most in:

1. Floor Coverings

Floor coverings, such as carpets and rugs make all the difference to your daily interactions with your interior. You will likely have invested in your base floor material. A warm wood, a cooler tile or a solid polished concrete finish. It’s what you choose to enhance them with that counts.

I’m a big fan of carpets (being English ‘n all), but I much prefer them just in bedrooms. A gorgeous thick pile wool carpet such as a Cavalier Bremworth is a must for the most private of spaces. A bedroom carpet also visually delivers a sense of transition from a bedroom to the more common areas in a house. And boy do they feel amazing underfoot on a winters morning.

Rugs are probably one of the biggest investments in a room, with the exception of a sofa (or, if you’re like me, a vintage one-off piece of furniture as well). There are of course many rugs to suit many budgets, but my advice is – choose well and invest upfront and reap the rewards for years to come. Loom Rugs and Cadrys are a couple of my all-time favourites and they produce lines from some incredible designers.

Old yarn rug in the wheat design by Loom Rugs

2. Lighting

Lighting really counts when conveying the first impressions of a room. I should know, my home of 9 months has some serious lighting issues and it definitely drags down the rest of the aesthetic.

You may already have heard of ambient, accent and task lighting. These types of lighting work separately and in conjunction also. Ambient provides a general, even lighting in a room. Task lighting illuminate’s areas of specific activity. And accent adds individuality and visual interest.

Your lighting doesn’t have to be uniform through-out. Just pick a few finishes and explore from there. Frosted glass and brass lend a modern but classic look, as do the new breed of rattan shades. I’m a huge fan of Flos and HK Living to name a couple.

It’s worth taking your time to choose your lighting range. And it could be that you begin with ambient and task lighting and take a little longer choosing the perfect accent lights that will truly elevate your interior.

Flos Aim Suspension lights in a family home designed by Studio Binnen. Task and accent lighting in one eye-catching hit.

3. Key piece of furniture

The title could also read “key pieces”. As, depending on the room, you may want to look at a couple of stand-out investment pieces. Ideally your hardest working item will be your main investment. Your bed in your bedroom, your table in your dining room and your sofa in your living room.

You could take it a step further and think about adding a set of vintage chairs to go with your table. A mid-century coffee table with your sofa. Or a beautifully handcrafted bench at the foot of your bed. For investment sofas you can never go past Australian furnishing stalwart, Jardan. You can guarantee a long and bright future with a Mark Tuckey table. And there are a multitude of vintage sellers of all shapes and sizes such as Vampt Vintage or Grandfathers Axe. And, if you haven’t already come across 1st Dibs, then I apologise in advance for the hours you are likely to spend browsing through this online vintage heaven.

Original Marcel Breuer ‘Cesca’ chairs and one of Unfold Interiors all-time favourite designs. Image via Selency website.

4. The Hero Piece

This is where your individual personality is reflected in your space. In my book it’s an opportunity to really go for it. Think modern sculpture in the form of a neon installation or something totally sculptural in the form of paper art. Beautiful things, no matter what they are, are meant for displaying! This is also an opportunity to invest in a sublime, totally unique piece of art, or simply by reupholstering a key chair in a to-die-for designer fabric.

You needn’t worry too much about how this item will work with the rest of the room. A hero piece, as the name suggests, leads with courage and individuality. Let your tastes run wild. You’ll know the hero piece when you see it!

Lisa LaPointe’s fabulous totem collection. Perfect example of individuality and personality.

5. Your time and tastes

Yes! This one is a little more esoteric, but it’s as important an investment as any of the above. By choosing the most beautiful and well-made belongings, it’s an affirmation of your tastes and abilities to personalise your space with the things that resonate with you. You can’t underestimate the power of investing not only your dollars, but your time and personality into creating your perfect home.