Smooth tubes of fluorescence. Curved quotes and wicked shapes. The transforming effects and varieties of neon art are boundless. Most of us are used to seeing neon signs in commercial spaces, but more and more they’re popping up within our homes.

Do you need a neon light? Oh yes, right now.

When I’m pulling together an interior scheme, I love to add a little something unexpected. In my décor playbook there’s nothing better than the impact of a well brought together room, and then the double whammy of finding something super special and slightly unpredictable like the sculpture and zinging form of neon.

Tracey Emin says it perfectly in the home of designer Angela Missoni

But what to choose?

You may be a shape person, something curved, squiggled or cubed that represents a feeling more than anything. You could be a word-lover, a single expression or a more radical motto or adage.

To humour or not to humour, another neon-love question to ponder. The interior décor consuming public have in recent times gone a bit crazy for a framed quote – you know, that (slightly naff) gold leaf “Carp Diem”. Well, neon is the new gold leaf framed quote.

Except it’s brighter, way cooler and here to stay.

Got a hankering for a feminine shape or a risqué quote or word? Say it in neon above a bed for the wickedest ambience. A longer poem along a hallway, an impact that will have visitors ‘ooing and ahhing’. A cheeky thought or neon icon in your powder room would certainly kick off some conversations. Your child’s name in their playroom?

Do. It.

Basically, neon is its own person. It can hold its own conversation at a party. Do its own laundry, you know, it can take care of itself in whatever setting you want it to.

What am I? Personally, I like a bit of a laugh with my neon. I like to play with humour in curvy cursive, to leave a thought or saying suspended in a space. Watch this space for my own neon-creation soon to be lit in Unfold Interior’s home.

My kind of neon. Love this image sourced from Photo by ‘Gail’. ‘Photographed on the west side of Fifth Avenue, NYC, between 17th and 19th streets.’

Does it need installing?

Depending on what tickles your neon fancy, if you’ve got a wall crying out for some style and substance, you can place a neon-light on it. If it’s got a power outlet close, it needs a neon light – fitted properly as opposed to hung. Or (with the help of an electrician of course) you can hardwire that bad-boy in practically anywhere you want.

Where do I get my neon love?

There are as many neon creators out there as there are varieties of neon lights.
Check out some fun pre-made neon shapes and words at Neon Poodle. They also do custom signs in about a 5-week turnaround.
Blur Studios offer a huge range and can custom that random quote or shape that you have in your mind.
Someone like Neolite Neon has been creating and servicing neon signage for years and can create, manufacture and install custom creations.

Release your inner neon art, you won’t regret it.