Is it bad of me to want a child-free living room? By children I’m talking about the rambunctious sticky-fingered pre-schooler and toddler variety. For ours, their dedicated domain is the family room which connects to the kitchen and dining. It’s compact but fit for purpose until our Phase 2 renovation will see this space opened up completely. They have the requisite TV, toys and crafting cupboard, complete with a large comfortable sofa with child friendly grey washable covers. They love it! And, it’s exclusively theirs! (apart from when the parentals have breakfast news on).  But I still feel a little selfish wanting to have a separate living room all to our adult selves. Time to get over that one methinks…

Our last house had two living spaces when we first moved in, pre-kidlets. One was a large double ended living room with a fireplace. The other was a comfortable more recently added sunroom off the kitchen overlooking the garden. We eventually converted the splendid featureful double living room into two bedrooms when the practicalities of family persuaded us. We then opened up the sunroom to the kitchen, dining and new deck. And so, the 4 of us decamped to this one open plan living space.

Our last family living room. Open plan and cleverly concealing a multitude of Lego.

Since having a family though we started to need that separate living space again. Not necessarily a room to use in the day. Gosh no! Too busy daytime adulting for any lounging and relaxation! But it was the option of having it. There’s nothing better than when the kids are asleep and I can retreat to a room with no kiddie related paraphernalia. Just me, Unfold Hubby and some Shiraz and Netflix. Bliss.

The second living space in our previous house. Very grown up and not a toy in sight.

As luck would have it, the new house has the lusted after separate living room. It also boasts the most amount of period features anywhere in our new house (which alas is not as much as the last one) with tall ceilings and a partly curved Art Deco inspired wall. More on that later. But, just like the rest of the house, it’s a feast of magnolia white and is massively lacking in any soul or personality. So now it’s time to transform this much sought-after room. Our requirements are:

  • Ultimate chilled out comfort
  • Individual style from the rest of the house
  • A grown-up space for watching TV and movies
  • A place for my husband’s growing record collection

Next in the series, bringing ideas and plans together in Part 2 of the living room transformation.